Our Dental Savings Plan

We Think You Should Feel Confident About Your Smile!​

At Timber Dental, we understand how expensive healthcare bills can get for young people and families. We want to help our patients get the care they need at prices that work with their budgets.

That’s why we offer an in-office Dental Savings Plan, tailored to help reduce the expense of your preventive care and to make any treatment you need less costly.

How the Dental Savings Plan Works

It’s simple: You pay a one-time enrollment fee of $20, and a flat monthly fee. For individuals, it’s $30 a month, and for families, it’s $60 a month. Your monthly fees cover all necessary x-rays and exams, and reduce the costs of your cleanings and most treatments by 20%. 

Enrolling saves you $347 on cleanings, exams, and x-rays for the whole year. That doesn’t even include what you’ll save on treatment!

Our Dental Savings Plan saves individuals an average of $522 annually, and a Family of 4 $1266. 

There are no annual maximums, no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no claim forms. Just awesome staff, quality care, convenient scheduling, and affordable prices.

Dentistry As Unique As You Are

Our Dental Savings Plan is designed to make quality dental services more accessible at an affordable price. In order to offer you such great savings, we ask that you be our partner in making the program successful. We request your patient payment portion at time of service, and that you not let your plan lapse.

Please note that this plan is a discount plan, not an insurance plan. It also cannot be combined with another dental plan or insurance.

For more information on how the discount plan works and what it does and does not cover, please see our brochure or call Timber Dental today! We’re always available to answer questions and find the perfect appointment time for you.