New Patients

Now Accepting New Dental Patients

Our Portland practice knows that your smile is important. After all, it’s an accessory that you wear all day, every day.

That’s why we make sure that each new patient receives a thoroughly comprehensive exam so that we can get to know everything about your teeth.

What to Expect

  • Plan to be at our office for about 90 minutes. Be sure to fill out your paperwork online, or arrive a few minutes early to fill out the forms on an iPad.
  • Your interactive exam will include a series of digital x-rays and intraoral photos, so that you can see everything going on, as we do. We’ll also perform an oral cancer screening, dental exam and gum evaluation.
  • If you’re due for a cleaning, we’ll provide one at this time.

Here for a Specific Problem?

Are you in pain, experiencing a toothache, or have a broken tooth? We can help. We can usually start your dental treatment on the very same day, so that you don’t have to reschedule at a later date. Since we’re open late & on Saturdays, you won’t even have to miss work!

Going Over Your Treatment Plan

Once you’ve visually co-diagnosed any concerns with our Portland dentist, we’ll talk about what we see and describe appropriate treatment options that are available. Our financial coordinator will also go over insurance and financing options so that you’re never caught off guard by a surprise dental bill.

Call us today to get started!