Our Dental Savings Plan
$250 6-Month Option

We Think You Should Feel Confident About Your Smile!​

At Timber Dental, we understand how expensive healthcare bills can get for young people and families. We want to help our patients get the care they need at prices that work with their budgets.

That’s why we offer our Evergreen Dental Savings Plan, tailored to help reduce the expense of your preventive care and to make any treatment you need less costly.

How the 6-Month Dental Savings Plan Works

It’s simple: With the 6-month option, you pay a one-time enrollment fee of $250, that’s it. Enrolling covers all necessary x-rays and exams, and reduce the costs of your cleanings and most treatments by 20%. 

Enrolling saves you up to $376 on cleanings, exams, and x-rays for the whole year. That doesn’t even include what you’ll save on treatment!

Our Dental Savings Plan saves individuals up to $376 over 6 months. 

There are no annual maximums, no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no claim forms. Just exceptional staff, quality care, convenient scheduling, and affordable prices.

Additional Details

  • Timber Dental’s 6-Month Savings Plan includes: one regular exam, one limited exam, 20% off most treatments including cleanings
  • Patient portion is due at the time of scheduling, otherwise the patient will be billed for services based on our regular office fees.
  • Cannot be combined with another dental plan or any insurance.
  • No refunds issued if participant does not utilize plan’s services.
  • Clear Aligner (Invisalign, CANDID, ClearJoy) patients must remain on the savings plan for the entire duration of the treatment.
  • Evergreen Annual Dental Savings Plan is a discount plan and not a dental insurance plan.
  • Cannot be used for referral to specialist or treatment outside the realm of our doctors’ capability. Only valid for specialists at Timber Dental offices.
  • Does not apply to injuries covered by worker’s compensation or automobile medical coverage.
  • Does not apply to any hospital charges.
  • Evergreen Plans honored at all Timber Dental locations.
  • Not valid at any other dental office.