Open Enrollment Fall 2020

As summer draws to a close and autumn approaches there can only be one thing on everyone’s mind: Health Insurance Open Enrollment! I’d like to begin this topic by introducing you all to our new health insurance broker Elizabeth Bowman. Elizabeth is a fantastic resource for us and she will be helping us to decide if it’s in our best interest to shop around for different plans this year or to keep the ones we currently have. If you have any questions about health insurance, please do not hesitate to shoot her an email and let her know you work for Timber Dental.

I’ll be providing you all with more information as we get closer to Open Enrollment time, but I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up and let you know a few key pieces of info:

  • Open Enrollment is the only time of year (except for major life events) that you can make changes to your health insurance.
  • Open Enrollment usually takes place over a two week period and will typically begin for us towards the end of November and will close by early December.
  • Because we are a smaller group, we are a bit constrained when it comes to health insurance. For groups with less than 50 employees enrolled in our health insurance plans, Elizabeth is unable to negotiate prices for us. In other words, for small groups prices are kept the same across the board. Our size also dictates when our open enrollment begins.
  • Elizabeth will be providing us with more information as we get closer to OE, and she can even come into our offices to talk with you in person if that’s something we would like.