Meet the Team

Dr. Matthew Kathan

I met my wife (and co-owner of Timber Dental), Dr. Molly, in Omaha, Nebraska while we were in dental school together. If I’m not working, it’s a safe bet that I’m fishing or foraging on the coast with my family.

Dr. Molly Marshall

I’m a fourth-generation dentist, I love my job. I’m co-owner of Timber Dental with my husband, Dr. Matt. When I’m not at work, I love to cook with my two little ones!

Dr. Peter Garcia

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Garcia is one of the most established Invisalign providers in Portland, and a valuable asset to the Timber Dental team.

Dr. Nicole McKay

I’m a huge nerd, I love public radio and old school style podcasts like This American Life. I love a good costume/dance party with friends, my favorite place to hike is on the Olympic Peninsula near Lake Quinault. I will never get over the beauty of the rainforest. I can’t be trusted to not fall asleep during a movie, however I would never fall asleep during The Great British Baking Show.

Favorite hobbies: swimming, paddle boarding, snowboarding, drawing, ceramics, and acrylic painting. I love exploring themes of patterns in nature.

Dr. Michelle Falbo

I was born and raised in Minnesota and attended dental school at Creighton University in Nebraska. I enjoy running, hiking, camping, concerts, and baking bread. My favorite book is Ender’s Game. I also enjoy a good puzzle on a rainy day! My dream is to someday own an animal rescue for senior pets.

Dr. Dallas Gerritz

I was born and raised in the area, and I’m a HUGE Blazers and OSU fan!  My wife, Ashley, and I live in North Plains with our 1 year old daughter, Adelynn.

Dr. Jae Lee

I love to explore Oregon with my family, to garden/grow things in my little suburban backyard, and to create (relatively) healthy, kid-approved, 30-minute recipes
(especially Korean and Indian foods). When I retire, my dream is to have a little farm!

Dr. Sharifah Eid

Dr. Eid loves to travel any chance she gets and recently she’s been getting into photography. She’s new to Portland and she’s excited to work Downtown so she can meet new people in the city.

Dr. Quan Nguyen

I love snowboarding (fingers crossed on good snow this year!) backpacking & hiking. Go Seahawks baby! What’s Russ cooooooking??! I also like woodworking and recently finished an epoxy river table! I’m a wiz in the kitchen, I love trying out new recipes I’ve been known to bake an amazing sourdough. I have 2 dogs that love to exercise with me. My dream vacation would be a scuba diving trip to Bali!

Favorite music genre: EDM, followed closely by Pop Country 

Dr. Mikhail Bondarew

I was born and raised in NE Georgia, where I gained an appreciation for the mountains, water, adventure, “y’all”, biscuits, and sweet tea. I have an amazing partner, Hailey, and a gold retriever, Nova. I love to play outside! Rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, trail running, hiking, and backpacking are my favorites. 

Favorite shows: Sopranos, Stranger Things, The Boys, Breaking Bad, The West Wing, GOT, Chernobyl.

I. LOVE. PODCASTS: 99% Invisible, The Edge, CrimeTown, This American Life, Dirt Bag Diaries, The Sharp End, First Up, Code Switch