Sedation Dentistry in Portland

Did you really just see Darth Vader playing bagpipes on a unicycle, or were you imagining things while medicated using one of our sedation dentistry options during a dental appointment?

Either one could be true!

Relieve Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry Options

Our sedative and anti-anxiety dentistry options are here to keep you relaxed. From nitrous oxide (“laughing gas” inhaled sedation) to oral medication (Halcion), we have options available that are great for adults and kids alike.


  • Feel nervous about visiting the dentist

  • Want to catch up on all your dental work in fewer appointments

  • Just want to relax while you’re here

  • Have a child that might not want to sit still (for their dental work, that is!)

If you’re opting for the anti-anxiety route, please plan to have someone drive you to and from your appointment, as it can take a few hours for the medication to fully wear off.

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