Meet the Team

Dr. Matthew Kathan

I met my wife (and co-owner of Timber Dental), Dr. Molly, in Omaha, Nebraska while we were in dental school together. If I’m not working, it’s a safe bet that I’m fishing or foraging on the coast with my family.

Dr. Molly Marshall

I’m a fourth-generation dentist, I love my job. I’m co-owner of Timber Dental with my husband, Dr. Matt. When I’m not at work, I love to cook with my two little ones!

Dr. Peter Garcia

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Garcia is one of the most established Invisalign providers in Portland, and a valuable asset to the Timber Dental team.

Dr. Dallas Gerritz

I am an Oregonian through and through!  Born and raised in the Bethany area, I went on to attend OSU and then OHSU for dental school.  I live in North Plains now with my wife and two daughters!  We love taking advantage of the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and are big Blazer and Beaver fans!

Dr. Jae Lee

I love to explore Oregon with my family, to garden/grow things in my little suburban backyard, and to create (relatively) healthy, kid-approved, 30-minute recipes
(especially Korean and Indian foods). When I retire, my dream is to have a little farm!

Dr. Sharifah Eid

Dr. Eid loves to travel any chance she gets and recently she’s been getting into photography. She’s new to Portland and she’s excited to work Downtown so she can meet new people in the city.

Dr. Mikhail Bondarew

I was born and raised in NE Georgia, where I gained an appreciation for the mountains, water, adventure, “y’all”, biscuits, and sweet tea. I have an amazing partner, Hailey, and a gold retriever, Nova. I love to play outside! Rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, trail running, hiking, and backpacking are my favorites. 

Dr. Leo Choti

Dr. Choti was born in Thailand,  moved to the US when he was 8, grew up in California and graduated dental school in San Francisco. He enjoys reading, walking around the neighborhood, cooking, and going to thrift stores.

Dr. Madeline Beinlich

Dr. Beinlich grew up outside Chicago. During her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, jogging, and playing tennis. She loves to travel and she is constantly exploring the outdoors.

Dr. William Garcia

Dr. Will grew up in Detroit, MI and moved to the PNW last year. He went to undergrad at Michigan State University and dental school at the University of Detroit. Since he’s moved here, he’s gotten into disc golf and plays three to four days a week. He enjoys going to concerts and local shows. 

Dr. Michael McCunniff

Dr. McCunniff and his wife moved to Oregon because they love the outdoors and the ability to have spontaneous weekend adventures to the mountains, coast, or to a good breakfast place. He also enjoys camping, skiing, hiking, and golf.

Dr. Salma Faraz

Dr. Faraz grew up in Northern Virginia and worked as dental assistant before pursuing a career as a dentist! She moved to Chicago for dental school where she met her husband. They love the PNW and they are thrilled to be in Portland!

Dr. Jenny Sunwoo

Coming Soon!

Dr. Kristy Lin

Dr Lin is an Oregon native, a graduate of OSU and then OSHU dental school. She is bi-lingual, speaking Mandarin fluently. She loves to go for walks with her fiancé (weather permitting), but otherwise loves to binge watch cooking shows on a cold rainy day. Dr Lin is passionate about cosmetic dentistry, as well as implants. She is excited to help you transform your smile!