Operations Manager Position

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Position Mission

  • To oversee efficient operations of Timber Dental maximizing output of all current and future offices while creating clear systems & processes that initiate Timber’s growth to 10 offices by the end of 2020.

Position Overview

  • Operations manager will work with the founders and their ideas to change how dentistry is delivered.
  • Total compensation including bonus of $70- $110,000 with room to grow as we grow.
  • Full time M-F some evenings and weekends.
  • Overseeing operations of the group to keep practices running at peak performance meeting defined performance metrics.
  • Develop uniform procedures for group and ensure systems for integration across all practices.
  • Overseeing and refining HR department recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and staff retention programs.
  • Focus on hiring top talent as we grow.
  • Complete special projects including opening of dental assisting school, billing department, and call center.
  • Timber Dental has a high focus on community, philanthropy, & environmental stewardship.

Operations Manager Benefits

  • PAID Business travel for executive events and training
  • AGGRESSIVE GROWTH plan will allow for income growth
  • Work closely with the founders of the company to get FAST RESULTS
  • Build something you are PROUD OF with a focus on community, quality, and innovation.
  • POSITIVE WORK CULTURE of learning and growth.
  • MODERN “Portland Inspired” office designs and company culture.

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Qualifications Needed

  • Leadership and self awareness
  • Experience overseeing and managing groups for efficiency
  • Desire to take a defined idea and systematically make it real
  • Experience growing a business and understanding start-up culture
  • Accommodate new ideas, respond to opportunities and operate with flexibility
  • Ability to design sequential systems to complete projects on a timeline
  • Anticipate risks and pitfalls and plan accordingly
  • Comfortable with change
  • A growth and abundance mindset

Timber Dental Benefits

  • Work for a company that you are proud of with a focus on community
  • Community focused quarterly free dental days “Timber Cares Clinic”
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Young, health focused, affluent patient base
  • High tech practices with state of the art equipment and processes
  • Medical insurance benefits
  • Internal dental discount plan
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Generous retirement package with employer matching
  • Annual staff retreats

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Operations Manager Success Metrics 2018


  • Maintains an peer/ employee approval rating of 9.0 based on the Officevibe Survey
  • Maintain a 4.8 online review score across google and yelp platforms for all Timber Dental locations

Office Goals

  • Grow NE Location to $250,000 net revenue per month by end of year.  
  • Grow East Burn Side to 1 million in collections in 1 year.
  • Grow Grow Bethany to a collections of $125,000 per month by end of 2018

Special Projects

  • Improve reporting and utilization of KPI and Job Score Cards for all positions
  • Leading a team to build out Billing department
  • Refine HR department with clear job score cards, standard interview processes, onboarding and offboarding.
  • Lead a team to license and open Portland School of Dental Assisting within Timber Dental Practice

Operations Manager Success Metrics 2019


  • Maintains a peer / employee approval rating of 9.0  based on the Officevibe Survey
  • Maintain a 4.8 online review score across google and yelp platforms

Special Projects

  • Assist with Adding two DeNovo locations
  • Build out call center to handle all existing offices with potential to be utilized by others
  • Bring limited Dental Speciality into practices by Q2 of 2019
  • Create intranet for Timber Dental to place SOP’s and video content for training modules
  • Build out Leadership program for staff members

Operations Manager Success Metrics 2020


  • Maintain a peer employee approval rating of 9.0 based on Officevibe Survey
  • Maintain offices at a 4.8 online review score across google and yelp platforms

Special Projects

  • Assist with adding four new locations
  • Build out executive office for Timber Dental with CE training facility
  • Move call center out of existing offices and into new location

Why Timber Dental?

We are a high-tech, privately owned general dentistry practice and our goal is to provide an outstanding experience to our patients. We value our patients, the environment and involvement in our community. We have plans to expand and currently have 3 locations: one in NE Portland, one in SE Portland and and one office in the Bethany neighborhood on the West Side. We are looking for team players with big ideas and strong work ethics who can grow with us.

Our team isn’t only about work. Our staff retreats have included beachfront bungalows in Long Beach, WA and a Portland City Team Scavenger hunt! We all enjoy BBQs, happy hours and Winterhawks games when we’re out of the office.

We are a community of individuals who love working in the Portland community. We strive everyday to understand our patients needs, give back to our communities and have a great time doing it. Sound like a place you could see yourself? Please apply!